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Pedagogical Unit (Pedagogy)

Printable rulers (Pedagogy)

4 Printable rulers , double scale value (degree-centimeter) 4 bands (width=4cm; length=25cm) on each of the 4 sheets of paper A4format total length of the 4 rulers : 4m For a 1m high gnomon The shadow is cast on the paper ruler You measure the length of the shadow You directly read the (...)

Gallery of gnomons (Pedagogy)

Gallery of gnomons Pencils gnomons Gnomons held with the hand Gnomons sticked in the ground Gnomons laid down on a board, without fixing Gnomons fixed on a board Bottle gnomon Other ways of fixing a gnomon Ready made gnomons Pencils gnomons Xewkija Alexandria Little Ferry (...)

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