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March 2009 (equinox) (Geometric figures)

Figures with Beloeil, Caseros, Caluire, Chitré, Pujato, Lafrançaise, Medvode, Meerut, Sibiu, Vastseliina

March 2010 (equinox) (Geometric figures)

Calculations with Beloeil (Canada), Sfax (Tunisia), Caseros (Argentina)

December 2010 (solstice) (Geometric figures)

Winter solstice calculations in Sibiu (Romania) and Chennai (India)

February 2011 (Geometric figures)

New Delhi - Lafrançaise calculation for Comenius project meeting

March 2011 (equinox) (Geometric figures)

11 calculations of twin partners over 4 continents

June 2011 (solstice) (Geometric figures)

Geometric figures of Sfax (Tunisia) and Jalan Gambut (Malaysia)

September 2011 (equinox) (Geometric figures)

Meerut - Sibiu Meerut India School Nas College Longitude 77°42′ E Latitude 29°00’ N = 29,00° Angle 28°50’ = 28.843° Sibiu Romania School Regina Maria Longitude 24°09’E Latitude 45°47’N = +45,78° Angle 45°35’ = (...)

December 2011 (solstice) (Geometric figures)

Figures of Monte Patria, Nis, Sibiu, Meerut, Yamunanagar, Lafrançaise

June 2012 (Geometric figures)

Figures with Ujjain on Cancer tropic (Bourgabarré, Lafrançaise, Lansargues, Nis, Pujato, Santiponce)

August 2012 (Geometric figures)

Figures for Feria de Ciencia in Argentina (Pujato, Meerut, Bagpat, Yamunanagar)

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