Medvode, Slovenia

March 2009

Flag City Country School Latitude (°) +N/-S Longitude (°) +E/-W
Medvode Slovenia Osnovna šola Preska 46.133 14.417
Date Gnomon Shadow Angle
March 20 17 cm 17.7 cm 46°09’ = 46.156°
Medvode Slovenja
Osnovna šola Preska
Longitude 14°25’ E
Latitude 46°08’ N
Angle + 46°10’ = +46,17°

astronomical club,
Osnovna šola Preska

  • latitude : 46°08’ N
  • longitude : 14°25’ E
    Headmaster: Mrs Bizant
    Teacher : Mrs Gulič
  • gnomon : 17cm
  • shadow : 17.7cm
  • angle : 46°10’

About Medvode, our home town
Medvode is a town 12 km far from the centre of the capital Ljubljana, where there is the confluence of the river Sava and the Sora at the south – east edge of the Sorica field.
Medvode lies between the two rivers that’s why it got that name (Medvode – between water). It’s also surrounded by nice peaks and the Alps at the back.
About School
There are many interesting sights, beside there is also Medvode hydroelectric power station. There are 400 pupils attending it. Pupils who live further from school come by school bus. The lessons are mainly in the mornings. School starts at 8.15 and finishes at 14.00. Pupils are included in many activities like: naturalistic (science), traffic, biological and computing clubs. Their handy skills can be tested in art club or in the club of handy work. They like to attend the courses of foreign languages, journalistic and drama clubs and a school choir.
There are also many sport activities like badminton, basketball, volleyball, football and athletics. We have got a mountain club which cooperates with the other schools in the commune of Medvode. Our school has got two branch schools: Topol and Sora.
About group
In the group we have students aged 11 to 13 years. All year we research astronomical phenomena and with the school telescope sights of the night sky. We are very happy to be able to participate in this project and learn with other students around the world.

Medvode Slovenja
Osnovna šola Preska
Longitude 14°25’ E
Latitude 46°08’ N
Angle + 46°10’ = +46,17°

Moje ime je Tadej. Skupaj z našo skupino vam pošiljam lep sončen/snežen pozdrav iz Slovenije, majhne državice v srednji Evropi s komaj 2 milijonoma prebivalcev. Oglašamo se vam iz Osnovne šole Preska v Medvodah, kjer se dogaja marsikaj, med drugim s pomočjo naše učiteljice Tatjane Gulič raziskujemo tudi vesolje.
Medvode ležijo na 14°25´ vzhodno od Greenwicha in 46°8´ severno od ekvatorja.
REZULTATI naših meritev so:
20. 3. smo merili z gnomonom dolžine 17 cm, najkrajša senca je bila dolga 17,7 cm ob 12 uri in 10 minut. Izmerjeni kot je bil 46° in 10´. Izračunali smo, da je obseg Zemlje 40100km.

My name is Maiša. Our group is sending you a nice sunny/snowy greeting from Slovenia, a small country in Central Europe with only 2 million people. We’re sending you this message from The Preska Primary School in Medvode.
There many things are going on, one of them is exploring space with the help of our teacher, Mrs Tatjana Gulič.
Geographical position of Medvode is: 14°25´ east of Greenwich in 46°8´ north of equator.
We did our measurements on March 20th with gnomon length 17 cm, shadow length was 17,7 cm at 12.10 hours. Measured angle is 46° 10´.
We calculate circumference of the Earth and result is approximate 40100km.


Mon nom est Matic. Notre groupe vous envoie un bonjour ensoleillé et neigeux de Slovénie, un petit pays d’Europe centrale avec seulement 2 millions de personnes.
On vous envoie ce message du collège de Preska Medvode. Nous nous intéressons à beaucoup de choses dont l’exploration de l’espace à l’aide de notre professeur, Mme Tatjana Gulič.
Position géographique de Medvode est: 14 degrés 25 minutes Est de Greenwich à 46 ° 8’ nord de l’équateur.
Nous avons fait nos mesures le 20 Mars avec gnomon longueur 17 cm, longueur de l’ombre était de 17,7 cm à 12.10 heures.
L’angle mesuré est de 46 ° 10 ’.
On a calculé la circonférence de la Terre et le résultat approximatif est de 40100km.


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