Donji Muć, Croatia

March 2014

Flag City Country School Latitude (°) +N/-S Longitude (°) +E/-W
Donji Muć Croatia oš kneza Branimira 43.694 16.462
Date Gnomon Shadow Angle
March 21 100 cm 97.5 cm 44.275°

Eratosthenes experiment in elementary school Donji Muc

On March 21, 2014 in schools around the world held Eratosthenes experiment. In an experiment involving almost 400 schools around the world, and we are particularly interesting fact that as many as 16 schools participated in the Croatian. The experiment was conducted as part of the Open Discovery Space and Science Inspiring Education project.

Schools are a time when the Sun was in a convenient position, we calculated the circumference of Earth using a simple stick. The aim of the experiment, among other things was to encourage research and learning about which was discussed at the first visioning workshop as part of the ISE project.

We hereby bring you a report on the participation of students from elementary school Donji Muc, and under the supervision of Daniel Ruzic darkness.

Eratosthenes experiment in elementary school Donji Muc conducted on March 21, 2014 at 12:01:11 h in cooperation with elementary school from Austria, which is your measurements began at 12: 07h. Namely, at the request of the elementary school from Hart in Austria, Lower Elementary School husband accepted a partnership for joint implementation of the experiment, and all this because these two schools have approximately the same coordinates as the experiment was very important.

When they found the exact coordinates of schools, found that the distance between them 371.83 kilometers. From Table solar calculators are determined when the Lower Husband March 21 the Sun occupies the highest position. Rod length one meter set on the yard and those that the sun is there from the back measured five times the length of the shadow cast by the rod, and calculate the average length of the shadow of 0,975 m. The amount of the rod and the length of the shadow shared with 10 to a right triangle can draw on paper. They withdrew the third page of the triangle and the Pythagorean theorem to calculate its length, which confirmed that the drawing is correct. Measured the angle which the rod is closed with the hypotenuse and the size of the angle e-mailed the school from Austria and waiting to send their measure angle. There was a difference of angles and that value divided by the distance between the Lower Husband and Hart in kilometers. The obtained result is multiplied by 360 degrees to give the extent of the Equator 44619.6 km.

Instead goniometer was used a protractor, which is not as precise, but find that the result is acceptable. All information and photos have been sent to the address in Greece, where he organized the experiment. More about the experiment can be seen on page


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